My sites only not load in IOS devices ex: iphone5

I added Cloudflare CDN to my websites 2 years ago. Cloudflare works very well on all devices but a few months ago I noticed that my websites no longer works and not have complete loading only in ios devices(mobiles - tablets) on every browsers. I tried change Cloudflare config or contact with hosting for resolve this problem but The hosting answered: You must leave Cloudflare or not use “https” on your website while by disable “https”, users could not connect to payment gateway in our website.

I have “Positive SSL” on my websites and used “OVH VPS” hosting for websites. Not load my websites in ios devices(mobiles - tablets) but when users used the VPN, website load correctly

I checked and in ios devices, both loaded and showed trace results, but when I check does not show tracking results and does not load but with showed this trace result.

What should I do for solved this problem ?!

I have already read these topics: 1, 2

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I contacted your office. But unfortunately I could not speak to you.
We have the same problem. This happened because of the https censorship.
call me back.

reply to sandro
There are a few topics about this problem but none of them can not resolved this problem.

my email is:
[email protected]

“A few” is an understatement :wink:

I havent followed the issue closely but from what I understand you’d need to talk to the Iranian government if you want the issue fixed.

Please explain more about this problem.

How to create SSl certificate same “” in Cloudflare dashboard?

It is unlikely you can as those are the old type certs.

It would be on the SSL/TLS app under universal SSL.

My Cloudflare account:

I see that websites work correctly with the Cloudflare Universal (Shared) certificate, but others do not work in ios devices.

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