My sites keep going down - Help Please



My sites keep going down randomly. I have a VPS. All the sites have unique IPs. The hosting company used to blame attacks for them all going down, so I put more protection on there (wordfence), Then he blamed the caching plugin, so I changed it. Then he said they all had to be on cloudflare and all the problems would disappear. Well that hasn’t happened. Cloudflare is supposed show a snapshot of the sites but doesn’t It comes up a 502 error telling me it is showing a snapshot and not to worry but that isn’t true. I really need help. I lose money every time this happens.


502 is caused by your origin that is not responding or there is something wrong with your configuration.

How ever:
What’s your ssl setting?


My Hosting company set up the settings for me. What should I be looking for. Are there settings that could cause this? I can log in just fine.

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