My sites have not worked

I have sites … And I subscribe to the free plan
… I have added a SSL Certificatecertificate to all my sites … and I have applied all steps to link my sites with cloudflare … but all of my sites have not worked … These are my domain names on my Godaddy…please help

I want to convert my sites from HTTP to HTTPS
But all my sites are not working… What is the problem and how do I solve it?

Neither of those domains are using Cloudflare. They’re both using GoDaddy name servers and aren’t proxied by Cloudflare.

So…best get those sites up and running with HTTPS on GoDaddy before you add them to Cloudflare.

I have copied these links and put them in their section in GoDaddy
And Cloudflare tell me that the site has been successfully linked … but the sites have not been running since yesterday until now …

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