My sites are throwing ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID errors

Hi all!

It looks like my Cloudflare SSL cert expired 6 days ago but I don’t see any way to renew it (I was under the impression that they renewed automatically, but maybe I’m confused).

Here’s a link to the site in question:

Here’s a screenshot of the cert dialog:

Thanks for any clues!



Oh and here’s a screenshot of my SSL settings in Cloudflare:

Somehow the renewal must have got stuck.

I’d disable Universal SSL from the SSL page (very bottom), wait 15 minutes, and then re-enable it again. Simultaneously I’d open a support ticket. Support should have a look at this (also because the disabling and re-enabling might not fix it).


Sounds like a good idea. I’ll try that now. Thanks!

FWIW - Disabling and reenabling did not fix. I’ll open a support ticket. Thanks!

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