My sites are Active Status but the "https" is not working

Hey there!

Since last week all of my news site that i configure in Cloudflare is not working the Https. I checked out and everything is ok. The Cloudflare shows me is active as well.

Anyone is having the same problem? If somebody knows how to figure out it, let me know please!

Thank you very much!

Whats the domain?

Hey Sandro!!!

All of site that Im trying since last week. Ex:

I really aprecciate if you could help me out!

Thanks again!

Alright, your DNS setup looks alright, however your webserver is not behind Cloudflare. I cant say if this is deliberate or not. If it is, it is perfectly okay, but you’d need to configure the HTTPS certificate on your server. If it is not deliberate and you want to “hide”/place your server behind Cloudflare’s proxy you’d need to mark the respectivey DNS entries in the control panel with :orange: (instead of :grey: currently).

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Yeap!! It worked to mark the respectivey DNS entries in the control panel!

Thank you very much indeed Sandro!

Have a nice weekend!

Also you have mix content on the page due to an advertisement image from over http while that site also supports https so inside your wordpress ad manager changing ad url to the https will fix the issue.

img src=""
img src=""

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