My sitemap is not installed ssl

My sitemap is not installed ssl. Please help me
Please help me

please response

What do you mean by “Sitemap is not installed SSL”?

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You can see here the sitemap URLs are not fixed with SSL. example:HTTP://infozone24

are you understand my concern? 2021-07-04 20:41 +06:00

Hi @mdrubelrana,

Was your site working with HTTPS before using Cloudflare? If not, that is the problem as your server does not have SSL so all the links will be HTTP.

Once you’ve fixed that, you probably need to update the Site URL in WordPress to the HTTPS version.

you can see my website. all links are connected with SSL. But when I was changed the SEO Plugin then, my site’s sitemaps URLs are disconnected from SSL. But why this problem. I am already contacted with my host. They also sayed your ssl installed from cloudflare. please contact to support.

Your SSL was supposed to be installed by your host.

Please answer this:

yes. The problem is created when I changed my SEO plugin. not to move on cloudflare