My site wont upload

I changed the dns to point to Cloudflare and now my sites won’t upload.
Please help

How do you upload and what error do you get?

You probably try to connect to a proxied address and that wouldnt work. You should use the IP address instead.

something about cookie
i am sorry i do not understand.
this is my site:

Post a screenshot.

the message is: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Thats not an upload error.

first of all- thank you. second- it is flexible. the rest- i am not sure what to do

Flexible is generally not a good idea in the first place, as that breaks your encryption. Make sure you have a proper certificate on your server and switch to “Full strict”.

if i have ss from my hosting - i should change it to full?

Yes, if you have a proper certificate switch to Full, or better, Full strict.

how can i cheack if the ssl is proper?

Assuming your IP address is x.x.x.74 it would appear as if you had a valid certificate, so switching to “Full strict” should work.

You do have a “mixed content” issue though, so make sure “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” is enabled in your Cloudflare control panel.

OMG!!! you are the best! thank you so much, it works

one more thing please- the reason i joined Cloudflare is to speed up my sites, they are still kind of slow. any suggestions?

The main problem is the main page load. Cloudflare cant do much about that, unless you cache it, but then you could end up with stale content.

You are running Wordpress and that is a common issue if you dont optimise your setup, search the forum here for some suggestions on how to speed that up.


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