My site wont respond

Hey. I’ve added my site ( a couple of days ago. Its hosted at inmotionhosting, just moved from Siteground. But it wont respond. Is that a setting I need to find in Cloudflare, or an inmotionhosting issue? I’ve look at this, worked on the inmotion hosting server, but no luck:
Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS


It’s working for me, but it’s taking 20 seconds to respond.

Do you see any errors in your server logs?

Hey. Yea, I see it now, myself. BUt the respond time, hmmm, where to I look to solve that :slight_smile: Not with Cloudflare right ?

It’s a lot better now. Did you change something? Pingdom and my own browser load the site in 2-5 seconds.

Didnt test anything. But I do think that the kind supporter at inmotion did :slight_smile: She wouldnt admit it, but it seems to run now. I hope it’ll continue :slight_smile:

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