My site won't load anymore

i was adding new subdomain dns but i failed several times then my site stop working (i made a change to www by changing it to www.example than get it back to normal ) please help

Hi @angeloboutany619,

Can you share the domain name in question, a description of the issue and what you have changed.

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Hi the issue was when adding a new dns for my new subdomain i could ot remember the code . than i have changed the name www to as my subdomain was.
now when i load to my site it says the server address could not be found

when i open a vpn i t works but how

You don’t seem to have any DNS records for or studio., what subdomain do you expect to work that doesn’t?

i have just created a subdomain on my hosting provider and downloaded wordpress on it via one click if you know what i mean than when i was told by wordpress to create a new password i clicked on the link that supposed to be but unfortunatly it does not work i trued to go directly thru and it doe not work either i contacted the dreamhost support and they told me to contact cloudflare support as my servers and hosted with you so …

If you add a subdomain at DreamHost, you still need to add a DNS entry over here. It should look like the following (only the subdomain itself):

Please note that Cloudflare’s regular TLS certificates won’t cover, as they only match and * You would need the $10/month certificate with custom hostnames to get that covered for HTTPS access.

sorry for late reply , as i have understood i should only put studio as a name with A as a type and for IPv4 the same as the studio IP found on dream host under DNS .
so just this and it should work but their is , …

thanks for help

Thanks for your help but it does not work i still have an error what to do ? I have put the type A and the name studio and changed the IPv4 to the one provided by DreamHost the same as my main domain so what is wrong ?

It’s still not resolving. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records here? It’s ok to black out the IP addresses for security.

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