My site won't connect?

My domain does not let me access the server. But I can connect directly with the ip. All i want is a secure connection!

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I’m not blocking any cloudflare ip’s. It works on But not when I try it both on wifi and cellular internet connections!

HTTP is working for me now, but not HTTPS.

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I have the https on full and an always use https page rule for () so I don’t understand why its still not using https

the () is supposed to be an asterisk but it keeps thinking its a formatting code here

also not even http is working for me still :frowning:

Does this mean you do not have a secure connection on your own server?

I want an HTTPS connection! For when I am connecting outside my local network

If you do not have a secure connection on your host, you first need to talk to your host to.

I apologize I don’t understand. The server is securely connected to the router.

It’s being proxied through cloudflare so why isnt it https? I turned on always use https and now https comes up but the connection times out.

Cloudflare does not have anything to do with HTTPS. That you need on your server first.

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Oh. Ok. Ill try to do that. Thank you.

Could I use one of cloudflares origin certs?

Absolutely! They work great for any site behind Cloudflare.


Ok great! Thanks guys! One last thing. The server is Windows 10 using docker to emulate ubuntu where the server actually runs. It’s still possible to install the certs right?

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No problem at all. You just might need to convert it to a different format if the default format is not accepted and you might possibly need Cloudflare’s root certificate too, which is signing Origin certificates. But thats about it. The root certificate is also on Cloudflare’s site.


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