My Site Will not load without WWW

Hi all,

We are unable to reach our site unless we include the www portion of our site address. We have set up page rules to redirect and to no avail.

In addition to this, it appears that Cloudflare is no longer taking requests to our site from its server.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have included screenshots of our page rules, DNS settings, and our page request overview…

Please let me know if screenshots are needed.

Thank you,

  1. Redirect to
  2. You dont have a DNS record for “www”
  3. Drop your current CNAME record and set it up like under #1
  4. You dont need page rule #2 and #3. Page rule #2 can be implemented via the global setting under SSL/TLS

Thanks for your reply,

Our eCommerce host, 3dcart asked us to set up the DNS record as, because it is naturally redirected to

In the example it shows an A record, should we use an A record or CNAME?

I also change the page rules and switched our SSL to full encryption.

Lastly, the page rules have been amended.

Let me know if anything else needs to be changed.

In that case you are just missing the DNS record.


You can remove them altogether. Just make sure the global setting is set.

Ok, great.

How does this look?

Seems all right. Redirects fine at this point.

For some reason the leads back to a generic 3dcart page. When clicking on our google listing. The link is listed below? Do you have any solutions for this issue.

Might be a DNS propagation issue on your end.

For me it redirects fine.

Hi Sandro,

Whenever I click “website” on the local listing it still goes to the generic 3dCart page.

om vapors - Google Search ](http://)

The normal listing int he serps works but the the lisitng on the right side of the local listings page.

Any suggestions?

I am afraid that is question either for Google or a Google related forum at this point.

Hi Sandro,

I still believe that this is a redirect issue based on the sharp decline in requests processed by cloudflare since OCT 10th that I gave a screenshot of in my first post from our dashboard overview.

Again, the redirect works fine for me. However even if it is a redirect issue, you’ll need to contact your host as it is them who are performing the redirect, not the page rule (which you can actually drop at this point).

OK, I will contact my host to see what their answer is.

However, that still doesn’t answer my question regarding our dashboard’s overview.

Total requests have flatlined since October 10th and total data served and cached has dropped as well.

Wouldn’t this be indicative of the server requested not being processed by Cloudflare?

We still receive plenty of visitors an sales on a daily basis so something has to be up.

True, but your naked domain does not go through Cloudflare, only the “www” record, which didnt exist up until an hour ago.

The underlying issue is that your CNAME points to a hostname which already is on Cloudflare and hence cannot be proxied.


Thanks for your responses. i will monitor my sites performance for the next couple of days to see if these issues persist.

Thank you,

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