My site when host is unavailable, take 33 mins


my host is unavailable ,when it will be fix its take 33 mins to change 502 error

or some times my sever need to restart and unavailable for 1 minutes its take 33 mins again
what i should to do ? i want take 1 minutes not more …


That sounds like a problem with your host’s server. Did you have problems before switching to Cloudflare?


my server when is available my site is up too ! when i come on cloudflare it take 33 mins !


Open a support ticket. They have more access to troubleshoot than users on the forum. Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. It may take a while for them to get to your ticket because it’s a holiday weekend.

For now, is your site back on Cloudflare? What’s the URL?


today my site was down
i have uptime robot pro account (every 1 min will check )

this photo is for website with cloud flare

and this photo is whith out cloud flare and is for my own ip (host ip )

why the down time is Different the site is 3hrs,58mins and the own ip 3hrs,33mins ?


I see there is a 25 minute difference between the two. Your site was definitely down…but why the difference? Now that it’s over, there’s not much we can do to see why.

I would set up a free account at Pingdom and have it monitor your Cloudflare site from there. Next time this happens, check your Pingdom results and compare it to Uptimerobot.