My site went from 50-90 ms to 300 - 500 ms with CF

for my new website I have just a few basic HTML pages with text to test the speed.
I use pingdom tools and select various servers.
My host server is in the USA.
Before activating CF, the loading time was after SSL around 56 to 86 mS.
Now the pages take around 300 ms so my website got slower?
I use static HTML so the website is 100% cacheable.

So I use pingdom tools for speed checking.
After activating Cloudflare, my webpage of 8,6kB loads in 1,86 seconds in Sydney while the server is in USA.
My website is fully cacheable. Static HTML.
Why is the loading time in Australia not 400 mS like in Europe or USA?

That is true, it is cacheable, but how shall Cloudflare know that it is static? Cloudflare normally will not cache html since it can not know if it is statically generated or dynamic.

Please use a PageRule with Cache Everything, or use Cloudflare Pages for serving solely static assets.

Thank you for the fast reply.
In page rules domain/* and then what setting? there are several cache options. Expire time 12 hours?

Please go with a scheme aswell if you redirect your traffic to HTTPS, for example:

match url: https://www.domain.tld/*
Cache Level: Cache Everything

The rest of the settings are up to your needs, I can’t know what your setup requires, or what would be appropriate in your situation.

I removed the CDN for now because it was slowing down my website. Are there any manuals that I can follow for this? Or is there a service that I can use to help me setup the CDN? Even for me it seems too complicated to DIY. Any email support or chat support with some clear guides and resources to learn would work for me?

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Hello @chicodrono, please see Cloudflare Page rules usage here:

Thank you.

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