My site was flagged as phishing

My site was flagged as phishing site yesterday evening without any warning from Cloudflare , we have no malicious pages on the site and we even check on google safe browsing it says no unsafe content found please how do we resolve this as we believe this must be a mistake and its tarnishing our online reputation.

Hi @tylerjeffery1885,

If you login to your dashboard, you should see a message with reasoning and info, and also how to request a review.

I have login to my dashboard i don’t see any message or warnings , nothing at all. just got flagged all of a sudden

Scan your site with security tool, become assured it’s fully clean and no malicious/nulled stuff is installed.

Then consult Cloudflare support team via email support [at] cloudflare dot com for re-consideration request.

Please do you know any security tool i can use to scan the website because the ones i used all said its clean

That’s a question for StackExchange. As mentioned by @domjh the dashboard should have details on that as well as a contact link for support. You have to clarify this issue with support I am afraid.

WordFence, use disposable email when it ask :wink:

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