My Site Was Duplicated On A Different TLD

My website has been completely duplicated by someone who purchased a org TLD for my domain. It appears they hacked into the server, but I can see they are utilizing Cloudflare Name Servers.

I’m not exactly sure what to do here as I have the following setup:

Digital Ocean
Server Pilot
Worpress Website
Cloudflare DNS

Can anyone help me with next steps?

Additional information:

  • This other website is a complete copy - when I update something on my site, it actually updates the other TLD. And i’m able to login to this other TLD and any updates their update my true site.

You can submit an abuse report for copyright infringement, assuming you hold the copyright for your site’s content, at

Thank you - I tried submitting a copyright infringement, but when I add the infringing URL, Cloudflare won’t let me submit as they say they don’t have record of working with that URL. But WhoIs tells me it is a Cloudflare DNS.

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Whois may be outdated. Regardless, there’s nothing the volunteers in this community can do to help in cases of abuse, other than pointing to the URL to submit a report.

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