My site was deleted via cloudflare during the renewal of my domain

My domain was in the 45-day renewal process, while my domain was deleted via cloudflare. I renewed and re-added my domain and all my settings and dns records are all gone. Is there a way to restore all my settings???

You will need to recreate your DNS records. If you saved a copy using the export feature, you could import it.

No, I didn’t make a backup because I didn’t think such nonsense could happen. I had too many dns records.

Domains are deleted 7 days after they no longer use the assigned Cloudflare nameservers. When domains are allowed to expire, registrars typically change the nameservers to ones that will direct the domain to an online expiration notice page. I find auto-renewal to be the most effective practice for any domains that I do not intend to let lapse. I also like to commit a current copy of the zone export in a git repository following any change. Using git is not necessary, but keeping a copy of the zone export can be helpful.

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