My site uses an unsupported protocol

I need your help.
After I changed DNS of Cloudflare then my site is not working.
It’s said:

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.



Unsupported protocol

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

Please check and fix help me.
Thanks for supporting.

Probably your Cloudflare SSL certificate wasn’t ready.
Also ensure that you’ve set your SSL at least to ‘Full’, better ‘Full (strict)’ since you have a valid LE certificate installed.

Some more tips:

Thanks MarkMeyer.

I assume you pointed your domain back to the original nameservers, as it is currently not pointing to Cloudflare. Also, your domain seems to have not been proxied and pointed straight to your actual webserver.

Thanks Sandro.

Hello Sandro.
Now, I restored DNS default because when I was using DNS of Cloudflare then issues availaible.

Alright, are you planning to switch back to Cloudflare?

Alright, are you planning to switch back to Cloudflare?

Yes, I have.
Please help me fix it. Thanks Sandro.

You first need to change the nameservers again.

I changed it, please check help me.

Nameserver changes can take a while. Right now it still shows your original nameservers. Where did you change it though?

I am using StabeHost service.

Alright, it already propagated.



Yes, the SSL error is back now. It most likely is what @MarkMeyer referred to. What is your SSL status in your Cloudflare control panel?

If you still want to use Cloudflare, dont switch back to your original nameservers but simply switch your DNS records temporarily from :orange: to :grey:. This will route everything straight to your server and avoid the SSL issue. Once your certificate is issued you can switch back to :orange: again - assuming you want to proxy your site in the first place.

Now, my site is normal with DNS of CloudClare.
I love you.
Thanks for supporting.

I guess you are getting a cached version of your site.

The SSL error is still in place and the site is still proxied.

General question, do you want your site proxied through Cloudflare or not?

Yes, I do use Cloudflare.
Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks.

It is apparent that you are using Cloudflare, the question was whether you want to proxy your site or not.