My site under Pro Plan doesn't work on UC Browser/PC

Tested on Both Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP SP3.

Any idea?

I wasn’t able to replicate this on iOS but there may be some PC users here who can test as well. If not, I’d recommend reaching out to supportATCloudflareDOTcom to get some more help troubleshooting.

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Yay too bad!

I don’t believe windows XP supports SNI. Cloudflare’s free SSL certs are SNI based.

So not sure it is the browser, more likely the OS.

I’m using PRO plan not free plan.
So Windows XP should be supported except IE6.

If you browser is based on HTTP 1.0 protocol, SSL may not work. This generally happens on low end browsers and devices. Such as Opera Mini (for Java).

I don’t have an XP machine and am not well versed in the UC Browser so I can’t test but looking at a thread here does making the suggested change in Settings > Data Saver, disable “Cloud Boost” allow the browser to connect?

I tested this scenario on Windows 10 and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue (regardless of the “Cloud Boost” setting, though that may function differently on XP). Sadly my XP machines are deep in storage. I didn’t try an emulator but I doubt that would be a legit test.

XP SP3 was released 9 years ago. I assume that upgrading your OS is not an option at this time (and really, probably not the best way to solve this issue).

Are you willing to use another browser, or have you tried another browser? I’m taking a leap and guessing where you are geographically, so using another browser may not be viable option when the majority of the population uses that same browser.

I hope you are able to resolve this issue, but based on the response you got from support, you may be limited on options… :grimacing:

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Same error.

For the last 30 days.
I have this stats:

So it’s very unfortunate Cloudflare doesn’t support UCBrowser and OperaMini.