My site them & widget disappear after connecting Cloudflare

My Wordpress site is broken. It loses theme & widget after pluging in Cloudflare. I use Elementor page editor & it cannot be view either. I even tried the page rules to fix Rocket Loader conflict already but the problem still persist. Does anyone know hoe to fix this issue?

Hi @thanakorn.n2an,

Did your site work with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare? If not, that is probably the problem and you will need to get that working, or switch your SSL/TLS mode to Off.

H @domjh

Yes, my site is HTTPS already. Check this out And the SSL/TLS is default to off. What else do you think I can fix it?

If your site was working with HTTPS, it should be set to Full (strict). There are a lot of requests to resources on, which does not seem to resolve. This isn’t something that Cloudflare can help with, since they are from external sources. I would suggest you pause Cloudflare (Overview tab, bottom right) and see if you can troubleshoot the issue with your host/developer.

Okay, I pause & reactivate Cloudflare again. I notice that the widget details are gradually coming back. Is it normal for new website in Cloudflare?

You should leave it paused until you have the site working fully, and then enable it. No, it’s not normal and it is not something that Cloudflare is causing, there are resources being loaded on your site from which does not resolve. You need to fix this with your provider, or change where these resources are loading from.

Problem solved! Thank you so much for your help.

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