My site that I distributed using cloudflare pages is connected normally, but there is a problem with crawlbots

I’m using Cloudflare domain. and Cloudflare pages

However, there is no problem accessing my site and there is nothing set up in WAF, but 404 error occurs when running speed test or Google pages insights.

Google search console is the same.

Is this error gone now? I can’t seem to replicate it, Page speed insights for example loads the site fine

If you don’t have any Page Rules/Redirect Rules, I would imagine the 404 was being returned by your origin behind Cloudflare. Perhaps something was wrong with it? Cloudflare’s WAF shouldn’t return 404 even if it was blocking anything.
Edit: You said you were using Cloudflare Pages? Hmm, shouldn’t be happening at all then. Was this happening only after you set it up, or did it just suddenly start happening today?

Whenever Cloudflare had this problem, it solved the problem by deleting and recreating the project.

So is the normal thing again now.