My site still show not secure and ssl not working

im using google cloud for hosting my web site and i have activated Cloudflare and received a mail also i have enabled “Always Use HTTPS” but still showing not secure my site also not loading only blank page help me fix this as soon as possible

Did the site have HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

What’s the domain?


It looks like it’s working now.

but in my chrome browser site not loading what should i do

If your website isn’t providing HTTPS as it’s origin, you’ll need to set the SSL/TLS option to flexible so that Cloudflare provides HTTPS to the users browser and uses HTTP from your origin. This could be snooped so is not encouraged. If there is any private data provided through your website, you should really have it encrypted throughout by providing HTTPS from your origin website using either a self generated certificate (setting TLS to Full) or by using a purchased or Cloudflare origin certificate (Free) and setting the TLS/SLL option to Full (strict). This will ensure any traffic to your website is encrypted from end to end.

cld error

I tried in different browser but still same issue

A global test using Chrome works. Try the usual: test from another device, clear your browser cache, use Cellphone connection, different browser.

Hadn’t realised you’d already been triaged.
You’ve got a B rating which is fine for most non-commercial sites. Anything financial shouldn’t be allowing TLS 1.0 or 1.1. This probably isn’t a concern. If is it you should really read my previous post about end-to-end encryption.

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