My Site SSL not yet activated yet?


Cloudflare will provide a free SSL for the for the new site with 24 hours of the life span of the domain, but in my case it’s been 48 hours I didn’t get my SSL activate. What should I do.


Is your site currently using Cloudflare? What’s the URL?

Even 24 hours is a bit on the long side, so it definitely shouldn’t take 48 hours unless something went wrong.

And if all else fails, submit a Support ticket.


I raised a ticket on this issue but I didn’t receive anything


Your SSL is working, but http isn’t getting automatically redirected to https. Have you turned on Always Use HTTPS from Cloudflare’s Crypto tab?


Yeah, I turned it on.


When I visit your site I’m automatically redirected to the https version of the site.


Now it is resolved. Cloudflare team instructed me to install a plugin for mixed content redirects. It is fully functional now. Thank you for your response.