My Site SSL not resolve properly!


Last day I configured my site on Cloudflare, According to me it correctly configured but when I check my site ssl then I found :

Note : I gave dot in my site address because I am new user. So please remove dot and add . before check my site.

dailytallydotin —> dailytallydotin resolves to - Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 (my server ssl)

www.dailytallydotin —> www.dailytallydotin resolves to - Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-2 (Cloudflare SSL) Serial Number: 0b0d65a038760b6bf58b54b788ce46a4 —> dailytallydotin resolves to - Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-2 (Cloudflare SSL) Serial Number 05d9b01a5987e6f7bdffb399773c7fed


  1. My site show my server ssl on dailytallydotin
  2. dailyallydotin, www.dailytallydotin and have different IP and SSL.
  3. Cloudflare issued two SSL for Same site.

Please check and tell me what should I do for correctly resolve on Cloudflare. Thanks

Looks like your root domain and the www subdomain are different in the DNS tab, as in one has an orange cloud :orange: and one has a grey cloud :grey:.

Cloudflare’s Universal SSL, along with almost every other feature, only works when the CF proxied is turned on (the orange cloud :orange:). More info:

Since this requires a proxy, the IP will resolve to a CF IP when the orange cloud is on.

You should make sure either both records are grey or both are orange depending on if you want the benefits of the CF proxy.

Hi Judge

Thanks for repay, but my root domain and the www subdomain are orange cloud :orange:. Please check my image.

Your site resolves and loads on both hosts fine

Hi Sandro

thanks for replay, Ya I know load well but my question is, is it ok to have 3 ssl and 3 ip on one site?

As you can see from the links I posted you dont have three IP addresses but just one regular Cloudflare address tuple. If it resolves to another address you probably still have something cached.

Ok thanks

whats should I do for cache and I found these ip and ssl on

These results were cached from December 22, 2018, 10:17 pm PST to conserve server resources.

Thanks Sandro, Sorry did’t see this.

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