My site speed slowed to a crawl after changing my NS to Cloudflare

After changing my NS to Cloudflare tonight, Google PageSpeed shows my site speed has gone from fair to poor. Was a score of 7 before - now only 2.

Autoptimize and Rocket Loader look to be doing weird things (multiple loads).

For now, can you disable the Autoptimize plugin and turn off Rocket Loader in the Cloudflare Dashboard Speed section (optimization section).

Thank you

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That made no difference. My score is still just 2. If I check http rather than https it jumps up to 42.

Rocket Loader is still loading a bunch of times. If you’ve disabled Rocket Loader, that shouldn’t happen.

Does your web host have any Cloudflare settings for your domain?

From the Caching settings, can you Purge Everything?

Got it turned off and mobile score jumped to 46!

After purging everything score has now jumped to 52! That’s still somewhat low but acceptable by Google!

I wouldn’t focus so much on the scores but individual metric values. But with as score 2-7, definitely your site at origin server/layout needs optimising. Read this guide to understand what Google PageSpeed Insights is testing and how the score is calculated Performance Tutorials - Google PageSpeed &

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