My site sometimes it doesn't load on my country. Cloudflare IP´s are being blocked by ISP

Hi. My site sometimes doesn’t load on my devices. I’ve run some tests and it loads fine on other countries, that’s why uptimerobot service doesn’t complaint but not on my country. When I use a vpn to change for a ip from USA it loads fine. After I pause Cloudflare for 5 min and then it works again. The annoying part is that I never know for how long this was happening. This is the second time it happens and I have Automatic Platform Optimisation on but somehow I don’t have the “rights” to open a ticket. I know that the problem does not have the steps to experience the bug but it’s something hard to show. Thanks


Thank you for asking.

May I ask what kind of type of the error do you see and experience with your website? :thinking:

From which area are you trying to load :thinking:

From Portugal. The browser does the request and never gets a reply , ending up in a timeout. Different devices same problem. I connect a vps and got access right away. It’s weird i dont have more information than this.

For example, right now I can’t access my site from Portugal

This seems to be exactly the same problem as in this thread . Dns propagation is fine Verificar Propagação DNS - Propagação DNS I’ve asked some friends from my region to connect. Some can and same can’t. When I log to Google Analytics I see people from Portugal connected. It´s so weird.

Now, it’s back and working normally. Same as yesterday same time.

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@diogodapalma Yes, the problem still persists , I just remove it from Cloudflare, never had that problem again.

But I have other domains (pt) using Cloudflare nameservers and don’t have that issue. During the time the site is not available I have paused Cloudflare and the problem continues

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