My site shows Comodo SSL but I purchased Godaddyss



As the title says, my site shows Comodo certification whereas I think it should show Godaddy.
Have I configured the shift from http to https correctly in my cloudflare acount?


Where did you install the Go Daddy certificate? If your domain is set to :orange: and SSL, then you’ll be using a Cloudflare-issued certificate which comes from Comodo.

Typically if you buy a certificate or a free Let’s Encrypt one for your server, it’s active on your server and then Cloudflare can use Full Strict SSL to pull data from your site before presenting it to your visitors via Cloudflare’s servers.


It is active on Godaddy’s server.
My domain is set to orange cloud and its enabled as full strict SSL.
Do I need to disable orange cloud to grey cloud inorder to correct the issue?


So how can I ask for support? for real this website is soo much complicated. It broke my website and I can not get any good support!


Error 1016 and after so its says page not found! I don’t need this anymore. Is there anyone can help to get this out of my website?


What you’re seeing (The Comodo SSL) is good. It’s how I would do it. You’re getting full Cloudflare protection and have an end to end secure connection to your server thanks to your GoDaddy certificate.

Is there a reason you would rather see the GoDaddy certificate instead of the Comodo one?


Would love to show Godaddy’s SSL as I’m showing my visitors a Godaddy certification in the footer. Showing a Comodo would confuse the visitors. Is there a way to correct it.


Cloudflare is serving your content, so your visitors will be seeing the SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

The only way to correct it is to stop using Cloudflare. Or upgrade to a Business plan ($200/month) so you can upload your own SSL certificate.


I wouldnt stop using cloudflare.
No way.

Thanks for your support.
Appreciate your time.