My site running slow. Hosting company said cloudflare not working properly

I have contacted my hosting company because my site is running so very slow, which is strange. They have said they have checked and cloudflare is not working properly. I have had no responce from cloudflare.

I ran a test

the test shows the site is running slow and it also came up with this message which i do not understand

The page may not be loading as expected because your test URL ( was redirected to Try testing the second URL directly.

does anyone know if cloudflare is taking the brunt of my website and if it is working properly and what the above message means and what it wants me to do and how can i improve things

thank you

I see my colleague Nolan replied on ticket 2904973. As mentioned on the ticket, Cloudflare is performing at expect speeds and there is an issue with images at the origin server. Let us know once you’ve had the opportunity to enable the options suggested by Nolan.