My site refused to connect on both https and http

Hello, So here is the situation:

I’m new to cloudflare and I have everything setup everything, name servers, ssl, dns, etc. but i still cannot seem to go to my website both on http and https, when i set the port to 80, it does work only on http, but when i set it to port 8443, i cannot reach my website both on http and https, and it does work when i directly type the ip

Refer to this documentation for a list of supported ports:

Do you have port 80 and 443 already open on your server? Does it blocking any incoming Cloudflare traffic?

How do you access your website? Is it and

Another question: is VirtualHost properly configured in your web server?

I do have port 80 and 443 open. And no, it doesn’t block any incoming cloudflare traffic

I access my website with and previously, but when i try , it works, but not with and when i configure my web server to listen to port 443, when i access the website with , The site can’t be reached, but when i access it with , i got This site can’t provide a secure connection

When you run port 8443 as a non-SSL port (HTTP only), it will reject any HTTPS requests.

At this time you only open port 443 is it? By default, HTTP request will go to port 80, HTTPS request will go to port 443 (unless specified).

Conclusion: ports used for HTTP and HTTPS must be different.

In your server configuration, for port 80, don’t configure any SSL certificate. For port 443, you must specify a valid SSL certificate.

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