My site not opens with iran IP


I can’t figure out why my site with https:// not opens in Iran for some hours till now.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Iran blocks (Cloudflare) SSL connections for censorship/data collection reasons.


Looks like it’s a new issue. This websites was working fine till yesterday.


As I know the Serial number for SSL is unique.
But in my case, it changes if I request from Iran IP address.
The origin Serial number is: 0c504f78cddcc03868d82c7fcfe9f891
But when I request from Iran it changes to another thin like these : 0144efb15a6688d5bfb7ac8fd82b85da or 073facf2c722d518ec903a3abbee638e


Everything works fine when I switch to ArvanCloud. Probably they’re blocking cloudflare to make people use that. The problem is only with Cloudflare SSL.

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