My Site is having 1390ms wait! HELP PLEASE!


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Ok, so my site is an e-commerce site, based on selling coffee beans. The wait time in Pingdom is incredibly slow, I mean :cold_face:really slow:cold_face:. My site is having 1390ms wait time while my competitors are having only 3.4ms “I can’t believe it!!”.

They have some sort of DNS or something to help them speed up his process and i’m just not sure where and why this is happening, is there any page rule i need to add, any specific settings to help me with this. :sob::sob::sob:

My site is :
competitors is :

Any help or suggestion will be helpful, Thanks

For me, both sites have similar load times.

I see you’re running Wordfence. Do you have Live Traffic turned on? That slows things down. Live Traffic should be set to Security Only, not All Traffic.

Can you post the link to your Pingdom report?


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While 1.4 seconds is not the fastest ever achieved, it is still within a reasonable time and not a bad value. 0.0034 seconds is just fantastic (and thats not in the good way :wink: ).

I havent checked it myself, but I believe @sdayman straight away when he refers to similar load times.

Your “competitor’s” site takes up to a second only to load the main document

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