My site keeps giving 520 error

The server is mine and there are no errors.

Ray ID: 68b0704f2a67e18a • 2021-09-07 13:56:08 UTC

So as part of we fixed an issue with origins silently ending a keepalive connection that was causing very rare 520 errors.

Thus we recommend testing again - if you still see 520s - make sure you follow the guidance in our community tip here:

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What do you mean by “there are no errors”? You are getting a 520 error right?

Error 520: web server returns an unknown error

Error 520 occurs when the origin server returns an empty, unknown, or unexpected response to Cloudflare.


A quick workaround while further investigating 520 errors is to either grey cloud the DNS record in the Cloudflare DNS app or temporarily pause Cloudflare.

Contact your hosting provider or site administrator and request a review of your origin web server error logs for crashes and to check for these common causes:

  • Origin web server application crashes
  • Cloudflare IPs not allowed at your origin
  • Headers exceeding 16 KB (typically due to too many cookies)
  • An empty response from the origin web server that lacks an HTTP status code or response body
  • Missing response headers or origin web server not returning proper HTTP error responses

520 errors are prevalent with certain PHP applications that crash the origin web server.

If 520 errors continue after contacting your hosting provider or site administrator, provide the following information to Cloudflare Support:

Have you tried those steps already?

I don’t get an error when I connect directly to the threads of my server. But when I connect via cloudflare I get an error.

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