My site isnt loading for a few webmasters


Where should i start to fix this. Is there something in cloudflare that i should turn off. Im not sure what to look at? I dont know how long my site has been not loading for some people. One person said it just loaded meta




Your setup looks alright. Are you sure it is not due to possible filter on the client-side? Can you post a screenshot of the issue (maybe redacted :wink: )?


Im not sure what you mean. Ive had 3 webmasters that say its down for them. I tested on a site and there was some geo that didn’t load. Ive been on a vpn and noticed my page was blank. I just switched to a vps. Im Guessing this problem is pretty new.


Ive turned off ssl in cloudflare maybe that needs a day.


Is it down right now?


I`m getting white page with this error Apache is functioning normally this is the error i got with vpn and another person said he had this error.


Not as far as I can tell


was it ever down For you ? I don’t think i solved anything messeing around with settings.


Cant tell if it was down at any given point. I havent checked out the site itself yet (due its nature - prudes of the world, unite! :wink: ) but should be able to find some time to do so later.


I`m getting white page with this error Apache is functioning normally this was the error that showed for him


It looks like its resolving still to my old ip


Thats something only you can tell. It depends on what address you entered in Cloudflare’s control panel. The site itself does resolve to Cloudflare however and it it also loads just fine.


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