My site isn´t working when I tried to transfer my domain to Cloudflare from Wix

I tried using Cloudshare to make my domain accessible without www. However, Wix, ,my Domain host, doesn´t allow NS to be changed. And now my website is down. My question is - is there a way to reset the process? I mean, go back to before I tried to change it? Cancel Cloudshare? Thanks in advance.

No, if you just changed nameservers it may take 24-48 hours before your site is on cloudflare. P.S: What’s the link?


Problem is that Wix doesn´t allow the Nameserver to be changed. Which I didn´t know until I tried to do it.

What’s your hosting provider? You may need to contact them to help. Also what happens when you try to change the nameservers?

Wix is domain provider, domain is transferred to New Zenler (learning management system), On the manage domains page of Wix they say: NS records are not editable.

Well that’s weird

Yep. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This may help

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You’d go back to your registrar and change the nameservers from Cloudflare back to whatever Wix had you set them to.

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Hi! Wix wouldn´t let me change the nameservers in the first place.

So if you didn’t change nameservers at your registrar how how did you try to use Cloudflare to make your domain available without www?

I only got to start the process. I registered with Cloudflare, entered my domain, then when it came to changing nameserver, I found out that I couldn´t change the nameservers.

Ok, so that should not have impacted your site working with Wix. Adding a site to Cloudflare, if no changes are made on the other side shouldn’t have broken anyt9ing… otherwise a random person could just sign up a website they don’t own on Cloudflare and break it.

Can you clarify what / if anything broke after unsuccessfully adding a zone to Cloudflare?

So I have the domain with Wix, but redirected to New Zenler. New Zenler have reissued a firewall certificate and they say that the website is up and running again. But it isn´t:

The exact steps I followed are until 1:30 on this video, which is where I got stuck Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website – Cloudflare Help Center

Website is back! So apparently Wix doesn´t work with Cloudflare. Using Cloudflare with Wix Website Builder – Cloudflare Help Center. William.haskin55 & cscharff thanks for your input, super-appreciated :slight_smile:

That www site resolves to which is a IP address. It appears to have a valid cert when I test… you may want to try clearing your DNS cache:

* Server certificate:
*  subject:
*  start date: Apr 15 13:01:55 2021 GMT
*  expire date: Jul 14 13:01:55 2021 GMT
*  issuer: C=US; O=Let's Encrypt; CN=R3
*  SSL certificate verify ok.
> HEAD / HTTP/1.1
> Host:
> User-Agent: curl/7.64.1
> Accept: */*

But it doesn’t appear Cloudflare is in the mix at all.

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OK thank you!

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