My Site is Under DDoS Attack from Last 15 Days

My site is under DDos attack from last 15 days, I have Cloudflare free plan, and it is protecting my server to going down, but because I used and setup multiple WAF rules it takes around 5 seconds to load a page, and my users are leaving my site, my daily traffic has dropped more than 80% and it is a big loss for me.

Is there any way where Cloudflare detects a real user bad bad user and doesn’t take 5 seconds to show my content to a user, any free or paid? like my site works normal for a normal / real user.
Please guide me it is very important for me. site -


You should consider enabling one of Cloudflare’s bot products. Bot Fight Mode is available to all plans, but offers few configuration options, while Super Bot Fight Mode is available to paid plans, and offers certain configuration options depending on plan level. Bot Management is the most advanced of these products, and i available to Enterprise Plan users.

Keep in mind that blocking bots is not an easy endeavor, and be ready to adjust your settings to respond to ever-evolving threats.

Last, familiarize yourself with the many tools and resources Cloudflare offers to deal with a DDoS attack. This kind of attack isn’t simple, and it may take several layers of protection to be effective.

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Does CF pro plan will help me to protect my site from DDos attack, it look like an advance DDoS attack and there is no pattern. Please have a look at the request which I get

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