My site is under attack by bot traffic?


I have a question about a sudden spike on my website for at least 2 days. I got an email from my ad provider that I have suspicious traffic going in.

I don’t really know where to go or protect my site from such attacks.

Hi @user3372,

Could you provide more details about this incident?
Did you check the logs in your we server?
Cloudflare Firewall events log could also help.



Thank you for your quick response,

I attached the screenshot of my firewall report.

It looks like that the bots are coming from a website called (I’ve never been on that site until now)

This should not be a problem.

You can find more information about this crawler (SEMrushBot) here:

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Thank you very much for your help! Is that the real reason why I have those spikes in traffic? I never subscribed from them.

This question can’t be answered without parsing the firewall logs.

Crawlers reach websites through hyperlinks. SEMrushBot certainly found some link pointing to yours.

You can block the robot’s access, if you need (or just want). The documentation page explains how to do this through the robots.txt file.

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