My site is under attack! Again

My site has been attacked three times in the last 2 months. Major layer 7 attacks. One was over a Billion requests before I gave up. Currently, I have an attack going on that has mitigated 3 million threats so far in the last 6 hours, but My host server has still been overwhelmed by the attack and has crashed my site.

Is this a lot??

I’m on my third host and server, all the others have canceled the service. Currently, have VPS that has been shut down. There are still attacks getting through the DNS and I don’t know why?

I also have no idea if the settings are correct as I can’t find anything in layman’s terms to help set up against these attacks. HELP. Please

Are you firewalled such that the only traffic you get is routed via Cloudflare? (And preferably running on servers who’s IPs have never been exposed publicly as being your site).

Did you turn on the ‘I’m Under Attack’ mode in the dashboard?

I have under attack mode on. IP was new and never was used before set with Cloudflare. I don’t use Email with the site server, the Domain is with another provider. The Domain is all set with orange clouds in the DNS. Many many IP and Countries Blocked and Challenged. Cache on Everything.
Still enough getting through to crash my server

IP was “new”? I am pretty sure that it was exposed on former times. If you ask your provider to assign a new IP you most likely get one from the same network range. Is it possible that your host provider and a part of their network is über attack?

What do the logs say?

Can you confirm that the server wasn’t attacked via IP? Protecting servers with Cloudflare only ist not useless but unless it isn’t firewalled and any request from outside the Cloudflare network isn’t blocked you may get attacked again.

Ensure that your app isn’t exposing your origin IP at some point.

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