My site is still slow for speed test

I checked speed test with gtmetrix but it is not still improve for loading faster after transferring to cloudflare. What should I do to make web faster?

My web is

PageSpeedInsights has many suggestions on how to improve your site. At 11 Megabytes of data, it’s not going to be easy to speed it up.

Looking at your stats, having a website size less than 1MB and you are getting a response time of over 2s.

Mentioned below are a few nippy fixes that will spectacularly advance your website’s loading speed, they comprise the following:

  • Identify which browser plugins, video plugins or audio plugins slow down your website
  • An automatic compression of web pages, JavaScript, images, and CSS files
  • Keep the database of your website as clean as possible
  • Set up the browser cache the right way

I am using WordPress + Cloudflare to optimize this website and the steps that I followed:

Consider cleaning up the database

I am so impressed with how Word Press auto saves everything frequently during your work time. the downside of this is that your database will be full of thousands post revisions, ping-backs, trackbacks, trashed items and unapproved comments so quickly.

This can easily be resolved using an amazing plug-in called WP-Optimize that routinely cleans out your database trashes constantly keeping your database efficient and only filled with the necessary components. Hey, never forget to back up everything before doing anything to your database.

Minify javascript as well as CSS files

If there are more than a handful installed plugins in your website, your website is most likely linked to more than ten or twenty style sheets and JavaScript files in every page. This is however not idealistic. It would be more efficient to put all javascript files and all CSS files into a single CSS file. (Enable it via your CloudFlare performance settings)

Leverage every browser caching

Browser caching is one is the trickiest issues. Even though there are hundreds of wonderful caching plugins, if the set up goes incorrectly, the resulting harm could be more hazardous than good.

The expires header informs the browsers whether it should request particular files from the browsers caches or the server cache. However, this feature will only work if the user also has the same version of your website page stored within their cache, therefore the method will speed up the website only for those who are familiarized with your own website.

Expire Headers enhances your website’s speed in two different ways. First, they minimize the need for returning visitors to download re-download the same files in your website. Secondly, they minimize the HTTP number of requests made.

Last but not the least how fast is your hosting provider when Cloudflare is caching pages on it’s network.

As I can see you have a lot of YouTube iFrames on your Website.

In that case, you would need to change the current code and implement some kind of code that replace YouTube iframes with their thumbnails and a “play” button. So, when user clicks the “play” button, then the iFrame loads with all the contents of YouTube. That would help you a lot.

Some kind like here:

Thank you for reply! I deeply appreciate your help. I am newbie, so please explain where I can put the query code ( var video_wrapper = $(’.youtube-video-place’); …) in wordpress? Should I put in function.php? then, which line should I add?

I am using wordpress. Thank you!

Since you are using WordPress, kindly install the WordPress plugin from here:

There is an option “You can also replace Youtube iframes by a preview thumbnail to further speed up the loading time of your website.”.

More about it here:

As this topic is no more related to Cloudflare. Please, use WP Rocket Docs and FAQ regarding the usage to get your issue fixed.

I have checked and this feature from WP Rocket LazyLoad should work with Cloudflare and it is already working on few of my Websites due to the fact that WP Rocket itself is not so-so compatible with Cloudflare.

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Hi, thank you! I have researched many plugin and tried all but only working plugin is BJ lazy load plugin. It increased gtmetrix score E to A. I tried the rocket lazy load but it didn’t improve speed score. I use DIVI builder , so that is why it is not compatible ? But BJ lazy load plugin caused one problem. YouTube size is not shown properly . I tried different css but it didn’t fix. How can I fix to show proper YouTube thumbnail size and screen size?

My site is


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