My site is still saying "Not Secure"

My website is still saying “Not Secure” but Cloudflare is saying that my site is protected.

I looked under The SSL/TLS button and there is no switch for me to turn it on(I thought I was suppose to have a switch). I install and activated the plugin. I really don’t know what else to do.

My website is

Your site doesn’t have an SSL/TLS certificate installed at your webhost.

Would you be able to give me the steps, please?

They vary widely per host. You would need to contact the host directly and ask them.

If they ask you to pay to buy a certificate know that there is really no need to do so:

  1. There is Let’s Encrypt and other free certificate providers.
  2. Cloudflare does offer their own certificates (albeit accepted only by Cloudflare themselves), to encrypt traffic from your origin to their POPs. These last up to 15 years, are easily revoked and you can issue them in the dashboard. These can’t be used if people access your website without passing through Cloudflare’s network as they will receive a certificate error.
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