My site is still offline

I have changed my namesevers to cloudflare but it’s almost 24 hours now, and my site is still not accessible (offline). What could be the problem?

What’s the domain?

My domain name is

but right now I’m using my host default namesevers. (Couldn’t afford to wait anymore for cloudflare nameservers to propagate)

Hi @somtoanselem,

Without the site being on Cloudflare, or any more information, it is almost impossible to troubleshoot!

Did you receive an error message on the site when you enabled Cloudflare?

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No, I didn’t receive any error message when I activated cloudflare on my site. My site was not just accessible when I Activated cloudflare on my site for more than 24 hours.

Please define

What happened when you tried to access it?

When my site was on cloudflare I can’t access it, like it says “This site can’t be reached” (totally offline)

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