My site is still 'not secure'

On cloudflare is saying site is secure but when I browse to my site it still says ‘Not Securee’ plz someone guide me :frowning:

You didn’t post the domain name, but it’s probably Mixed Content.

My domain is, Cloudflare shows my site is secure ‘Full’ but even after two hours my site still show ‘not secure’, even that Godaddy sent me email that my name servers are changed,
Can you plz what should I do next :frowning:

I see that domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but it looks like you do not have DNS records for or ‘www’. They should match the DNS records at your web host.

Thanks for quick response sir,
Even I can’t see my DNS records , Godaddy says"We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us."
What would you suggest me now?

Oh…that’s a pain. Try this:

Or you may have to resort to setting your name servers back to GoDaddy and take a screenshot or notes for all the records, then type them all in at Cloudflare.

Sir I took screenshot but I’t doesn’t have MX record while cloudflare is asking for MX, rest of the two records A and CNAME I entered on Cloudflare

Do you use email for your domain?

Yes I login through my gmail

Are you paying for email hosted at Gmail, or is it hosted at GoDaddy?

No sir I don’t pay for mail, I meant to say when I login to Godaddy I login through Gmail.

Sir now it shows “Secured”, but gives an error 525
SSL Handshake error Browser - working
Cloudflare - Working
Host Error
“Cloudflare is unable to establish an SSL connection to the origin server.”

Your server doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate on it. It should have one.

Godaddy is saying “If you host the website in Managed WordPress from any host you can not have the SSL from third party proivders that the limitatiosn of the Managed WordPress hosting.”

If you access your domain via, it does a 301 redirect to If it was a Cloudflare issue you would be seeing a https error message before the redirect (the redirect would be blocked).

Check your website is configured to serve with https, as that’s probably whats redirecting requests (wordpress/cms/whatever you use), which is the cause.

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Hello its telling me my sites not secure i have everything pointing to the write places how can i fix? domain is

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