My site is static (html) Do I need any cache system?

My site is static (html) Do I need any cache system or is the free Cloudflare plan sufficient?


Free plan is totally sufficient. If it’s hard-coded HTML, you can even create a Page Rule to cache the HTML (and everything else). Cloudflare caches images, JS, and CSS by default, but not the HTML page code. This Page Rule can improve your site’s performance:

Match:* and use Settings: Cache Level (Everything) and Edge Cache TTL (however long you’re comfortable with having your pages cached).

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You might go one further with a totally static site and deploy it using Workers Sites, so that you don’t even need a hosting provider or origin server. (Depending on traffic level, it might even fall within the free plan)


Thank you. I have a Wordpress site installed in a folder. I created a static version using the “Simply Static” plugin, and installed it in the root folder…What is hard-coded HTML?

Hard-coded HTML (probably not quite the correct term) is what your Simply Static plugin generates.

However, if you have WordPress buried in the same hostname as the static site, our two suggestions aren’t the best approach. Your staging site (WordPress) should be on its own subdomain so you can cache the main domain’s content without mucking up your WordPress installation.

I want Cloudflare to cache html content hosted in the root folder… what is the difference between Wordpress being in a folder or subdomain? What does it mean mucking up the WP installation?


Your domain probably has a folder hierarchy. So maybe this will work:
Page Rules, in this order:

  1. Match (wherever that WordPress folder is) and Cache Level (Bypass)
  2. Match*, and Cache Level (Everything) plus Edge Cache TTL (time limit)

The first rule will catch all activity to your WordPress folder, then the second rule will catch everything else. You don’t want to Cache Everything with WordPress because it will cache your admin activity.

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Thanks… I understand… but I have no problem installing WP in a subdomain, if it is better… What is the best option in your opinion?

I added the rules but the admin section of the WP site is not working well. It works fine if I select development mode on Cloudflare. Therefore that pair of rules does not work. I will try installing WP on a subdomain.

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It seems that this is how it works:*

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