My site is slow

My site is still slow I had to pause Cloudflare again in order to run the site

I still am going offline (as per pingdom) but at least I can access the site and post

when I was attacked earlier to day and Cloudflare was enabled it was not working

To be honest i do not know what is going on

I am looking at my web host’s error logs and i see certain IPs coming after me

this just came from Nexcess

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your patience. The site was up and running when we were looking into it but we did find out why it was slow. Reviewing the logs we see your user had reached their max_children limit. This is the max number of php processes that can be run at one time before all the others have to “wait in line” so to say. This is usually due to an increase in traffic and in that case resolves on its own.

Here is a list of hits per ip on the top ip addresses to hit your site.


From this list we can see that google is the top ip and then a bot called TurnitinBot. Here are the requests we see.

Because the issue was not actively happening when we got to this ticket it is harder to determine the root cause and because of that we are going to turn on our internal monitoring service which will record your users system calls and in the event this happens again we will have a much better idea of why you reached max_children.

While this service does record all system calls it does not notify us that the site is experiencing issues so if you notice anything please let us know asap.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Abe K.


Just me posting

what am i seeing here

Hello Brian,

When bypassing cloudflare the site seems to be loading much faster. When we route back the site seems to slow back down. There are no server side issues and all your processes are within their limits. The max_children issue seems to be resolved. We recommend reaching out to cloudflare.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Abe K.

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