My site is slow in performance ( AWS ELB + Cloudflare DNS)

I am new here…I have AWS ec2 running my website and another mysql… the ec2 web server is attached to the aws ELB (load balancer). I was using aws R53 for dns but today i decided to move all to Cloudflare. I did setup the dns to point to www, and domain to the ELB, and i am able to reach the site, but I always get "Whoop something went wrong " message when accessing the site using, and the site seem very slow, and most of time i get the white page with Whoops error.
If i access the site using the ec2 ip address, everything is fine, and performance is greater

what am i doing wrong. ??

Please help

Try checking your Cloudwatch or EC2 error logs, a “whoops something went wrong” error is likely from server software, not something Cloudflare would put up.

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