My site is slow and some time is not responding


Last night i moved my sit to Cloudflare and after that my site is performing slow and some time you click on any button it is not responding at all. can you advise what could be the issue.

Also receiving this error as well
Error 502 Ray ID: 4846155c0c1bc1f4 • 2018-12-05 11:13:27 UTC
Bad gateway

Error 5XX is internal of your service, maybe the settings isn’t correct. You can test whitout orange cloud in dns label, or maybe “pause” DNS records in CF dashboard for discard changes but DONT change the dns records in your domain.

can you advise how i can correct the settings. i am new into it.

Error 502, you need contact to web hosting support. 5xx errors INTERNAL of your server, not Cloudflare problem. Plese, test your firewall service (in hosting), activate cPanel Cloudflare app and look in the ip blacklist.

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