My site is showing 'SSL is not enabled'

Please please solve my this problem !! I have installed ssl certificate on my website ! And its showing also connection is secure ! But when i am open a website its saying ’ SSL is not enabled’ even i type url this also but the result is same ‘SSL is not enabled’ And i open my site on different device also but cant but there also ‘SSL is not enabled’ Please please Solve my this problem! Please help me out in this problem!! And please check my website

That seems like it is an host issue. As in the host is requiring you to buy something to allow SSL access to your site. The content is being successfully severed over Cloudflare with SSL.

I would contact your hosting provider.

Please check my website what is shows in your device please check!!

I do see the same thing that you do.

If you look at the buy now button it points to purchasing an addon from freehosting.

Please help me what should i do to solve this problem and open my website back normal!!

You need to contact your hosting provider freehosting so see what you need to do. This is not a Cloudflare issue

see this image i visit my hosting site and open ssl manager and thats its shows !! please see this image and tell what happened to my website

You are not able to get SSL because you don’t have an activation is my guess.

Contact freehosting because this is not a Cloudflare issue


But see in this image its saying that 'check your dns settings and try again" what should u think?? please help me my bro i facing this problem since 4 days ago but cant get right help!! Too much sad !

You need to pay these $30 to your host, after which I am sure there will be 1 “SSL activation” which you can then use for your domain.

I can only repeat what @Cyb3r-Jak3 already mentioned three times. You need to contact your host and you need to pay the $30. Alternatively switch to another host who offers free certificates, but that topic would be really off-topic here.

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You means on my hosting there is alredy a ssl certificate activation please help me in detailed what should i do next ?

You need to activate the certificate on your host and you need to contact them for that, but @Cyb3r-Jak3 said that already three times and I once as well.

Please contact your host, thats where you need to fix it.