My site is showing down through cloudflare dns 521

I have created a web application for my client. I have setup two A records in domain dns panel. One is for main domain and other for aws server

A subdomain XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

when try to visit the domain subdomain . something. com it’s showing that server is down. But I can easily visit directly using XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. Can any one tell me the reason could be in behind?

Typically, it means that the site is responding to Cloudflare. Do you have stuff like firewalls in AWS? What happens if you don’t proxy the record?

No issue found when I use another provider instead of cloudflare

One thing I notice is that the site is using HTTP there. Do you have HTTPS enabled on the server?

Thanks a lot for the catch. My https is not working. I will work on this

Thanks. My issue is finally soved.
The main issue was in aws firewall. This was not accepting https requests, instead it was only accepting http. As cloudflare was forwarding all requests to https, so issue arises.
For solving the issue , I allowed port 443, firewalls and also installed ssl certificates.

Its working finally. Thanks to the community

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