My site is "offline", but there's nothing in the logs. How can I debug this?


The only odd thing here is that it will come back online again after some time, but when I hit this sub-domain three or four times, it will go offline again. Am I hitting a limit of the free tier? How can I debug?

Edit: on the sub-domain, I get this time out error:

Is your site hosted entirely with workers, or are you proxying with workers?

I have two workers, both with custom domains. Worker A calls worker B via fetching its public url, in order to take advantage of it’s cache (worker B is effectively a CDN for worker A.

But there are no external sites involved.

I’m confused by you need to have a worker run as a CDN.

Workers run before Cloudflare’s cache. You can interact with the cache using the Cache API, but you cannot cache the response returned by the Worker.

You can also check the rate limit of your worker from the workers section of the dashboard.

I don’t need to have it like this, but I wanted to separate the two because worker A will need t9 be able to work with assets from other domains too.

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