My site is offline after I aded it to cloudflare

It is for more than 48 hours.
The domain registrar says that nameservers are pointing correctly to cloudflare and my host which is bluehost says it is my registrar fault that the nameservers do not resolve correctly…

I checked and there seems to be problem with consistency
Leaf DNS

I never added

these are wrong
so I am bickering with both parties who is wrong and who is right…both blame the other ones, like 2 small kids…

I tried the third time with clouflare…third time I gave up first and second time cause my site was offline for too long…

I’m seeing a 1016 Origin IP address error. ‘www’ does not resolve.

Regarding name servers, your WHOIS shows Elma and Nile. However…Cloudflare thinks you should be using Lisa and Todd.

Which ones show up at the bottom of your DNS page here for that domain?

I told that to my domain registrar and they claimed that is caching problem that the real nameservers are correct…I cant resolve this thing and cloudflare does not reply to me at all…only stupid bot sends me message

When I check DNS TAB in cloudflare for my domain I get thiS…it is crazy

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Bluehost, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

My sites it not functioning…cloudflare does not reply at all!!!

bluehost is clueless how to fix it

It would appear that the domain is registered from

Update your authoritative DNS servers there to the Cloudflare ones.

I did, and it went offline…it did not propagate…I added nameservers on namecheap

Perhaps, run this on your domain:

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