My site is off


Hello guys;

My site is off.
Hostgator’s support said is ok and the problem is that cloudflare is not working…
Anybody could helps me?



Since a lookup shows a SERVFAIL you should contact the CF support.


** server can’t find SERVFAIL


A Dig at turns up no results for an A record.

Check the DNS page at Cloudflare to see if you have IP addresses set for your domain.


hi, my sites are also down.
these are ns, my friend’s sites work well with other ns, what shall I do?


Shouldn’t this result in “NXDOMAIN” or “no answer”? :thinking:


What’s your domain?



I dunno. I’m lazy…or maybe I do things the hard way. I hit the source to get it from the horse’s mouth. If I did get a NXDOMAIN or “no answer,” I wouldn’t know why or what would cause that. And I don’t always trust third party DNS.


Sorry, that was directed at @user731’s query. They didn’t provide a domain name.

Yours (, however, still isn’t showing any DNS records here at Cloudflare. It should be something like:


It was just my experience with a domain that was recently shut down by CloudFlare. I cross checked this with a non existant sub domain and got “no answer” while the other one resulted in a servfail.

On the other hand: you ate right. Sometimes it’s a bit… “special” :grinning:

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