My site is now unreachable

I have been on Cloudflare now for a couple of months and just noticed today that my site is down.

This is what my page says:

I am trying to figure out what happened here.

Any suggestions?


The domain does not have a valid SSL certificate.

The site is not :orange: proxied through Cloudflare, nor is it using Cloudflare DNS.

dig ns +short

The first and most important thing to fix is the invalid certificate on the site. Once that has been resolved, the next step is to follow the #tutorial on adding a site to Cloudflare.

Linode also has a similar tutorial .


Thank you for your quick response.

I temporarily changed my DNS on my register back to my host to see if that was the issue.

I have now changed it back to Cloudflare.

In my WHM it is showing me that I have a valid SSL for my site good through 09.02.22

Im now sure why its saying I dont have a valide SSL for the site.

For future reference, you can simply pause Cloudflare for testing purposes rather than changing nameservers. You can also toggle individual DNS records from :orange: to :grey: if you only need to exempt specific entries from the Cloudflare proxy.

Something is definitely not right on your origin server. I’d ask if you have engaged your host, but since your cPanel is running on Linode, I suspect that falls on you to you to fix. I don’t know if the cPanel forums are a good resource or not, but the Cloudflare Community cannot help fix it.

We are still here for you if there is something specific to Cloudflare you need help with.

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